NOTICE: New Blog Location (hooray!)

I can finally reveal the reason why I’ve been so absent recently! I recently launched a new blog here.

The only difference is that it’s self-hosted vs. being hosted by WordPress; the content you know and (hopefully) love will remain largely the same. I’ve also added some links to my shop, and will put tutorials and patterns somewhere in the navigation once they’re ready.

I’ll post both here and there for a bit, but eventually this site will become unused and/or I’ll set up a redirect.

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Dad’s Hunting Sweater

Hey guys – I wrote about my dad’s hunting sweater on my new site – you should check it out! It’s my first knit sweater and I’m incredibly proud of it.

dad's hunting sweater | tolmema

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Knitting Pattern: The Hayden Shirt

I’ve released my first knitting pattern! You can read all about it on my new blog. It’s called The Hayden Shirt – a comfy, stretchy, raglan-sleeve shirt designed to snuggle babies from 0-6 months.

Hayden Shirt Knitting Pattern

Hayden Shirt Knitting Pattern


Don’t forget: the giveaway for the free project/tote/knitting/sewing/beach/whatever bag ends tomorrow, so if you haven’t already entered to win, make sure to do so here!

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SMS Giveaway Day!

Want to win a free knitting/project/diaper/whatever bag? I’ve posted the details on my new blog.

SMS giveaway day 05-13

It’s free to enter and I’ll ship internationally!

New post on my new blog!

I published a new post on my new blog, stop by to check it out!