Striping in the round, and a new project.

So I recently learned how to stripe in the round, thanks to Moriarty’s free crochet pattern. I made a beanie for Little Foot with it, but the colors I had on hand were more boy-ish, so it might become a holiday gift for someone’s little man this year instead.

orange-grey-striped-beanie | tolmema

This is what the base looked like after finishing my increases. Sorry for the dark photo, I took it on my desk rather than outside on the sidewalk like I usually do.

orange-grey-striped-beanie | tolmema

The finished product is pretty darn cute! I do wish that the stripes were thicker, though, so I might use a DC stitch next time, or maybe double strands. Maybe a thicker yarn would make the stripes look fatter, too.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the way that the beanie turned out. I tend to be boring and stick to one color or a tweed when I make my beanies, so it was a nice change that was juuuust outside of my comfort zone.

Speaking of comfort zone, I found a new stitch, courtesy of Lucy from Attic24:

granny-stripe-test-swatch | tolmema

It’s a simple granny stripe that works up super quickly and easily, and I’m stoked to make something using this stitch. I’m just not sure of what colors to use or who to make it for yet. Leaning towards a holiday gift, though. Maybe a baby afghan. :)

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Hi. I’m Bailey: freelancer, blogger, sewist, proud mama, wife; lover of coffee, nap time, and sunshine.

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  1. Looks great. I thought you said ‘stripping in the round’ at first and wondered what new hobby you had found for yourself!

    • bwhahahahahahahah! That is indeed an interesting new hobby, though I doubt I’d be any good at it, especially with this belly. :P

      I read your fox story – so sad :( I’m glad someone was able to put the poor thing out of its misery.

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