Striped baby beanie

I love taking photos in the morning; the colors seem to really pop with the morning sun vs. later in the day. I really like my images to show the true colors of the item, which can be hard to do with a camera phone like mine.

Anyways, here’s some images of another custom order: a striped baby beanie with a brim.

I used these images as inspiration, but used my own “pattern” and stitch. Plus, I added a brim instead of earflaps. What I really liked about the photos was the white strip in between each colored stripe; I thought it made the separation of colors distinct and made them pop more.

The hat was supposed to be unisex in color. I think it’s close, but leans a bit to the boy side. However, a little flower on the side would girly this hat right up. :)

Here’s a close-up of the stitch. Nothing fancy, but I like how the simplicity of the stitch lets the colors do the talking.

About tolmema

Hi. I’m Bailey: freelancer, blogger, sewist, proud mama, wife; lover of coffee, nap time, and sunshine.

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