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some crochet things

I went on a crochet binge and made a bunch of newborn and 0-3 month baby hats this last week.

teal-newborn-crochet-newsboy-unisex | tolmema

This is a teal beanie made from super bulky baby yarn. Pretty sure it’s 100% acrylic. Very soft and pastel-y; perfect for baby!

blue-newborn-newsboy-beanie-unisex | tolmema

It was impossible to catch the “true” color of this blue beanie. It’s a beautiful, shocking blue color that seems like it could glow in the dark even though it’s not a neon shade. It’s by far the most beautiful yarn I’ve ever purchased. Since the yarn is hand-spun and hand-dyed, it’s beautifully inconsistent with darker and lighter shades of blue that are just handmade enough to feel truly authentic. It’s also a littler thicker/thinner in some parts of the yarn, which just enhances the charm, I think.

multicolor-newsboy-newborn-crochet-beanie | tolmema

I doubled up my yarn for this hat as it’s made from a very fine fingering/sock yarn. I originally bought it to make leggings for Little Foot, but I’m too damn impatient to create things with a size A crochet hook. I really like the way this one turned out with the rainbow of colors.

grey-newsboy-newborn-crochet-beanie | tolmema

A simple grey/white newsboy cap. This was the first in the bundle that inspired me to make a whole handful. Very simple and delicate.

minecraft-beanie-newborn | tolmema

This hat isn’t quite finished – it’s going to be a mini minecraft creeper beanie like the one in this post. The yarn is some Berroco that I found at a garage sale about a month ago. The color isn’t perfect when it comes to matching what a real creeper looks like, but it’s close enough, and when it’s finished there will be absolutely no doubt what it’s supposed to be.

My slippers got a hole in the toe and my foot kept poking out, so I also made a new pair of those.

blue-grey-crochet-house-slippers-wool | tolmema

I’m trying to use up my gigantic yarn stash – I’ve got hundreds of dollars worth of yarn and it’s just sitting in a basket going to waste. I don’t have the heart to get rid of it because I’ve so lovingly curated the stash! So, I’m trying to whittle down what I have to a manageable amount.

Have you created anything recently? If so, what was it? I’d love to see!

House Slippers

I was very busy this weekend with special orders for crochet items! I made four hats and three pairs of house slippers. Even my sister in law who lives half way across the US ordered a pair for her sister! :)

blue & brown crochet hat w/ brim

blue & brown crochet hat w/ brim

green & black toddler hat

green & black toddler hat

blue & white crochet house slippers

blue & white crochet house slippers

pink & brown crochet house slippers

pink & brown crochet house slippers

I think it’s interesting that I have been more successful by randomly posting stuff on Facebook than actively trying to sell on Etsy. I am taking custom orders online, both through Etsy and through my blog here, so if you have been following me for a bit and would like something you have seen here, please just let me know!

I finally have an Etsy store (again)

If you have been reading my posts for the last few weeks, you know that the crochet house slippers I’ve been making have been incredibly popular. I first made some for myself and really liked the way they looked (and felt!), so I posted a photo on Facebook and got an immediate custom order. Since then, I’ve been busy with custom orders! I am absolutely honored that someone likes my products enough to actually buy them. :) In case you missed them, I’ve linked a few photos  here and here.

Anyhow, in the midst of all this, I finally added a couple listings to my Etsy store. I only have a few things in there at the moment, but I hope to be adding more with the new year. Please forgive the bare bones look – one of these days it will be full of stuff and things with a beautiful header and such.

I’d be more than happy to create a custom-made pair for you (my lovely readers) if you are interested. Feel free to either stop by my Etsy store or just send me an email.  :)

More Crochet House Slippers

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I mentioned in my last post that I received a custom order for the crochet house slippers I posted on Facebook.

I really like the way they turned out. The customer requested teal and beige….I was really unsure about the color combo, but the end result was very pretty (and very soft). I’m happy that I still have a skein of the turquoise left…I think I will use it to make another pair for myself. :)