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The Great 8-Bit Mario Quilt Adventure

For my brothers Christmas/birthday present, I decided to make an 8-bit Mario quilt. I concepted the idea in September of last year and just now finished with it. It was a huge, extensive process and many many hours of work!8-bit-mario

The idea came from this sprite that I found online when trying to think of something geeky and fun that my brother would appreciate. We grew up playing Zelda and Mario, so when I found this sprite, I knew that I had to make something from it.

8-bit-mario-quilt | tolmema

It’s made with 252 4″ squares, measuring at about  48″ x 60″. I hand-dyed the grey background and thrifted the peach from an old twin bedsheet. Instead of brown boots, I just used black. I also modified the sprite slightly by adding an extra red block for Mario’s suspenders.

8-bit-mario-quilt | tolmema

Here’s the quilt after piecing and quilting – I hadn’t added the yellow binding yet.

8-bit-mario-quilt | tolmema

I cheated and used yellow jersey knit for the binding  because 1) I hate binding; 2) I suck at binding; and 3) I wanted something fun as a border. I knew that the knit would curl up in the wash and hide any – ahem – mistakes that I made during the binding process.

8-bit-mario-quilt | tolmema

I used a black/white checkerboard fabric for the backing. Despite my original concerns, it hides the colored thread pretty well.

Here’s a quick list of the time/resources I used to make it below.


  • Thrifted Sheets – $5.00
  • Rit Dye – $10.00
  • Fabric – $60.00
  • Binding – $5.00


  • Dyeing  – 4 hours
  • Cutting – 3 hours
  • Piecing – 10 hours
  • Quilting – 9 hours
  • Binding – 2 hours
  • Clean Up/Prettify –  2 hour

Total: about 30 hours of labor and $80 in materials.

I’m so glad that this project is finished. While I enjoyed the process and the end result of my hard work, it was a However, in the end it was all worth it because my brother absolutely loves the quilt and isn’t mad that the quilt was only six weeks late!

My first quilt!!!!

So, I have finally finished my first quilt! I got a custom order to make a chenille blanket like the one from Aesthetic Nest, in little boy colors. I picked monkeys for the backing and the coordinating colors are brown, orange, blue, and green. I cannot accurately describe how proud of it I am. This quilt took quite a bit of time and effort and it really eased me into the quilting game.


There’s a total of five layers of snuggly cotton, so the quilt is deceptively heavy.


The finished size is about 40″ x 40″, give or take an inch or two.


A close-up of the layers all fuzzed up. They’ll only get fuzzier with each wash!


I handmade the binding using some of the leftover green fabric. I had literally just enough to make the binding – maybe two or three inches leftover!


All in all, I’m incredibly happy with the results of the quilt. :) It took about six hours to make and is my proudest sewing item to date. I love how the quilt feels very “heirloom” and broken in after just one wash – that means each wash will make it more snuggly and soft for the lucky baby. It’s also big enough to last all the way through the toddler stage, which means that the buyer will get her money’s worth out of it.

I’m quite excited to start another one soon – I could barely keep Little Foot’s paws off of it, so I’m sure she’d absolutely adore one. Maybe a holiday gift?

When in doubt, post photos.

I don’t have anything to write about, so here are some pretty pins instead.

Source: via Bailey on Pinterest

Source: via Bailey on Pinterest

Source: via Bailey on Pinterest

what i’m working on

I’ve started on my first “quilt”. I say that with quotations because I didn’t actually piece the top together. I bought the cheater panel and the batting and sewed it together to make it look like I pieced the top.

storyboek-cheater-quilt-top | tolmema

I did this intentionally, though, because even though I LOVE quilts and all things quilting, I’m actually terrified of quilting something myself. I’ve always been afraid of the OCD kicking in and getting mad at every misplaced stitch and eventually just giving up on the entire project and never touching my machine again. So I started with something easy to hopefully push myself into legit quilting in the future.

storyboek-cheater-quilt-backing | tolmema

The fabric line is Storyboek by Birch Fabric – 100% organic cotton; soft, amazingly gorgeous, lots of fun to work with! I’m about 25% of the way done right now – I’ve only finished the vertical stitches, so I still have to work on the horizontal ones next. I want to stitch each square and add some binding around the outside when I’m finished.

I’ll post pics again once I’m finished – I was just so excited about this project that I had to post a few sneak peeks!