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My first quilt!!!!

So, I have finally finished my first quilt! I got a custom order to make a chenille blanket like the one from Aesthetic Nest, in little boy colors. I picked monkeys for the backing and the coordinating colors are brown, orange, blue, and green. I cannot accurately describe how proud of it I am. This quilt took quite a bit of time and effort and it really eased me into the quilting game.


There’s a total of five layers of snuggly cotton, so the quilt is deceptively heavy.


The finished size is about 40″ x 40″, give or take an inch or two.


A close-up of the layers all fuzzed up. They’ll only get fuzzier with each wash!


I handmade the binding using some of the leftover green fabric. I had literally just enough to make the binding – maybe two or three inches leftover!


All in all, I’m incredibly happy with the results of the quilt. :) It took about six hours to make and is my proudest sewing item to date. I love how the quilt feels very “heirloom” and broken in after just one wash – that means each wash will make it more snuggly and soft for the lucky baby. It’s also big enough to last all the way through the toddler stage, which means that the buyer will get her money’s worth out of it.

I’m quite excited to start another one soon – I could barely keep Little Foot’s paws off of it, so I’m sure she’d absolutely adore one. Maybe a holiday gift?

Maternity Shirts

I’m finally at that point to where my jeans don’t fit, my shirts don’t stay down over my belly, and it’s HOT. So I made a few maternity shirts and OH.MY.GOODNESS. they are so comfortable. I used what I had lying around the house vs buying higher-quality knits in case they all turned out horribly.

knit-maternity-shirt | tolmema

Ugly? Yes.

knit-maternity-shirt | tolmema

knit-maternity-shirt | tolmema

Super comfortable? Double yes.

*btw – the above photo is me at 26 weeks*

knit-maternity-shirt | tolmema

I think they turned out pretty well. I used a Gap shirt that I fits me well and just made the sides a bit longer/wider. I created the shirts with the idea of it being easy, comfortable, stress-free, and soft, so I didn’t even hem the collar or sleeves. Since the shirts are knit I’m not worried about them fraying. :)

I made a circle skirt that turned out really well, but I don’t have any photos of it yet. I’ll post when I finally get around to taking a few.

Knits and things.

So I recently went on a knit binge and picked up a whole array to make comfy shirts and jammies for Little Foot. This one was my favorite. It’s quite soft and stretchy, albeit a little thin.


I made a quick ,15-minute nightgown out of it and she loves it! However, if you look at it, you can tell that I didn’t finish the seams on the sleeves or bottom. Mostly because I’m lazy. But also because my machine really doesn’t work well with knits. It’s a little workhorse and can handle mostly everything, even light leather. But when it comes to knits, I can’t say that I’m especially impressed.


That’s where this little gem comes in! It’s a Singer Serger…an older model. Not sure which decade it hails from. I bought it used off of Craigslist, and it only has one broken piece that I’ve already ordered off of Amazon. So hopefully, within the next week or so I’ll be serging my bum off. I’ll be much more enthusiastic to work with my little knit stash once I get it in working order!


this is me shamelessly promoting myself.

So I broke down and spent most of yesterday taking photos, editing them, and adding listings to my Etsy store. I personally don’t like Etsy at all, and I feel like I’m committing some atrocious crime for putting stuff on there. (In fact, I dislike Etsy so much that I’m currently building a competitor, but more on that later). However, I’ve got SO much handmade crap that I want to get rid of before baby comes in order to free up some much needed space.

tolmema-etsy-store | tolmema

I’ve posted a lot of these items on my blog here but never tried to promote them. So, this is me doing exactly that. I’m also taking custom orders right now, especially for yarn things in attempts to wrangle in my out of control yarn stash. So if you see something you like but want a different color or pattern, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Etsy or here: tolmema at gmail dot com.

I’m offering free shipping on all items to buyers in the US, and $5 for international buyers. In addition to that, I’m offering a 20% coupon to my blog followers. Simply add the code SUMMERSAVINGS at checkout to receive your discount!