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A plethora of baby beanies

I went a little overboard with the baby beanies and made more than I know what to do with. These are all made using  the same Tunisian crochet pattern that I created. I’m working on a pattern for it; hopefully it will be available soon!


This is some hand-dyed wool you might remember from a few weeks back.


Here’s some more of that hand-dyed goodness.


The colors are so bright and cheerful.


Little Sister isn’t a huge fan, though. Getting her to participate in a photo op is pretty difficult.


Here’s a GORGEOUS beanie created with Berroco Flicker, which is made from baby alpaca, and has sparkles!


It’s incredibly soft and warm, and could be unisex, even with the sparkles.


I like it plain and simple with no puff or any frillies.


Hard to tell with this photo, but this beanie is green, blue, grey, and white. Made from acrylic.

These beanies were all worked flat and seamed up. I recently picked up a double-ended Tunisian crochet hook so I can start making them in the round instead if I choose.

Fingerless Mitts

I’ve been crocheting like a fiend lately. I find the Tunisian crochet method so fascinating and intriguing! I’m really glad that I finally got the hang of it.

Here’s some fingerless mitts made from some of the hand-dyed yarn I created recently.
wool-wrist-warmers | tolmema

This was my least favorite hank of yarn from my dyeing experiment. It looked kinda mushy and purple when I pulled it out to dry; however, after seeing what a beautiful finished product it makes, it’s now my favorite.

wool-wrist-warmers | tolmema

The colors remind me of a dark rainbow or something. Really quite lovely.


They’re made to fit me, aka a women’s size M.


I’ve created a pattern for them and will post once I’m convinced it’s ready. I could use a couple of testers!

Hand-dyed Yarn Update

I balled up the yarn that I hand-dyed earlier this week and am incredibly happy wit the results!

hand-dyed-yarn | tolmema

This color combo includes orange, teal, and green. I’ve been in a fingerless mitt phase so I think that’s what this will become.

hand-dyed-yarn | tolmema

This one was my favorite – lime green, teal, and purple. I’d like to make something for myself out of this yarn, but I’m not sure what. I could use a new pair of gloves, or maybe a new hat?

hand-dyed-yarn | tolmema

This is a deceiving ball. I personally don’t think it looks very pretty but I worked up a small swatch and it looks really nice. My husband has asked for me to make a scarf out of it.

hand-dyed-yarn | tolmema

This is construction vest orange. I tried to make a pair of fingerless mitts out of it yesterday but I didn’t have quite enough, so it looks like this will become a headband or something.

Overall, I’m incredibly happy with the way my yarn dyeing experiment worked out, and I plan on trying again soon. I’d like to get some signature color combos nailed down to add some brand recognition to my crochet items; we’ll see where that goes for 2013.

Hand-dyed Yarn

I experimented with hand-dyeing yarn today. I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile but haven’t been able to  I used this tutorial as a guideline. I bought some of the white Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool and some koolade packets and went to work. My house now smells like fly spray (vinegar)!

hand-dyed-yarn | tolmema

This was the result of my first try. I put the whole hank into the pot and tried to add all  of the colors at once. I like the blue and green, but I got kind of purple-happy and it took over the skein a bit, which kind of turned the whole thing a bit brown. I wasn’t a huge fan of it at first, but it’s been growing on me. The colors are starting to pop a bit more as it dries.

hand-dyed-yarn | tolmema

I’m much happier with the results from the second round than the first, where I just put a part of the yarn into the pot at a time. The yarn on the left is a vibrant orange/red that is so loud it’s practically screaming. The middle is a lime green, teal, and purple mix. The one on the right is an orange/red, teal, and green mix.

All in all, I’m very happy with the results of this experiment. I can’t wait for the yarn to dry so that I can get it wound up and work with it!